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FCNWCB Philosophy

The Franklin County Noxious Weed Control Board is funded by the residents of Franklin County to survey, identify and assist with the management of noxious weeds. Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 17.10 defines all matters concerning Weed Boards from activation to the enforcement of State Law. 

The policy of the Franklin Co. Weed Board has always been to work with growers, land owners and agencies to develop practical plans for noxious weed control.  RCW 17.10.140 thru 17.10.235 describes in detail the legal enforcement available to the Franklin Co. Weed Board when landowners fail to control after notification. These include fines, liens and quarantine of land. Noxious weeds of greatest concern include, but are not limited to, Rush Skeletonweed, Diffuse Knapweed, Yellow Starthistle, Kochia, Scotch Thistle and Cereal Rye.  

It is the Franklin County Weed Board’s primary desire to assist and encourage every land owner to do their part to control noxious weeds. However we intend to be clear that we will not be ignored when we send out a notice to control.  So, please note that civil infractions can add up to a burdensome amount.  

Washington State RCW 16.750 allows monetary penalties to be assessed per parcel, per noxious weed species, per day after expiration of the notice to control. 

The time dedicated to sending out notices takes the staff away from the things that we would prefer to be doing such as helping you the landowner develop a viable management plan. 

Timing is primary for control, so when we send out a notice of weed infestation a prompt response is requested.  This will allow the best opportunity for success. The staff of the Franklin County Noxious Weed Control Board would prefer to speak with each individual to help develop a plan to fit their needs.  

Irrigated and Dryland farms have their own unique problems with noxious weeds, but the end result remains the same. Noxious weeds need to be controlled. Likewise, if you own rangeland you are required to control the noxious weeds and prevent their spread to neighboring properties.  Regulatory mechanisms are available to the Franklin County Weed Board for those that do not comply with notification.  

Taking on a large application area can be a very daunting task.  However with a defined area of work each year and neighbors that are equally participating to manage noxious weeds; progress can be made to reduce the invasion of these detrimental species. This process enables the establishment of desirable vegetation that will compete with noxious weeds.  We are willing to make ourselves available to help you reach that end.   
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