There are over 240 miles of trails, loops and tours that Tri-City area

                                      residents, especially cyclists, can enjoy.  There are also over 240

                                      miles of invasive weeds threatening that enjoyment.  What is that

                                      weed you  ask?  It is called Puncturevine, Tackweed, Goathead, and

                                      many more names that are not fit for polite company.

Tackweed (Tribulus terrestris) is a low growing spreading

annual that can produce numerous thorny fruits.  A single

plant may produce 200 to 5,000 seeds in a single year. 

Concerned residents and agencies, tired of constantly

battling this weed, created the Tackweed Coalition to stop

this nemesis to bicyclist and walkers alike.  The Coalition

includes local residents, the FCNWCB, and the City of Pasco

Facilities Department.  Our motto: 

Pull a Weed a Day Keeps the Tackweed Away!

                                               GREAT AMERICAN TACKWEED PROJECT

                                               With that in mind, the Tackweed Coalition created the Great

                                               American Tackweed Project.  The goal of our project is

                                               education and eradication of Tackweeds on our trails. 

                                               However, we can’t do it alone.  We urge local residents to

                                               become proactive in the war against Tackweed.  It is as

                                               simple as pulling a weed a day to keep the Tackweed away!

In the past, the Tackweed Coalition sponsored a half day event for the masses.  Here was your chance to show off your weed warrior skills and prevent tackweed from growing.  Do you need something to do on a nice summer day?  Gather your friends and adopt a section of the trail.  Host a tackweed walk off… it is a great way to get in shape for a worthy cause.  Did you know you can burn 182 calories in a half hour session pulling weeds?  Business and agencies can get involved as well.  Do you want more hands on?  We are always looking for volunteers to help organize and spread the word.  Contact the Tackweed Coalition if you are interested in hosting a Tackweed Pull.


Spread the word, not the seed!

The Tackweed Coalition would love to spread

as far and wide as the Tackweeds themselves. 

Tell your friends, family, and interested

bystanders about the Tackweed Coalition and

the Great American Tackweed Project.  Do you

have a group that might be interested in hearing

more?  Contact the Tackweed Coalition through

the Franklin County Noxious Weed Control

Board or the Pasco Facilities Department.  We

would be glad to give a presentation for

interested parties or talk Tackweeds with you.   

Tackweeds don’t stop at the river, why should we?    With your help we can have an impact on all of the Sacajawea Heritage Trail Loop, as well as the other trails in the Tri-Cities.  Contact the your local cities and  agencies and ask them to get involved.  Help us spread the word, not the seed.   

If you are interested in the Tackweed Coalition coming your way, invite us over.  There is plenty of room in the Tackweed Coalition for new friends and weed warriors.  We love to spread the word, not the seed.

For more information email the Tackweed Coalition at fcwb@co.franklin.wa.us.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook at the Great American Tackweed Project.


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